anaibol/awesome-serverless - "A curated list of awesome services, solutions and resources for serverless / nobackend applications."

Chris Coyier - The All Powerful Front End Developer #video - “The internet is, without metaphor, just a bunch of servers tied together with wires. Without servers, we'd have no way to share our creations with the world. Yet, in a bit of a paradox, servers are less essential to our work than they've ever been. We can now do things on the front-end that used to require a back end. When we do need a back end, our front-end skills can be put to work, giving us some surprisingly powerful new abilities. Join Chris on a whirlwind tour of the tools, tech, and code that puts more power than ever into our front-end hands.”

Cloudcraft #webapp - "Visualize your cloud architecture like a pro. Create smart AWS diagrams"

Dashbird - "Monitor serverless apps on AWS."

Find a domain, create a site, and get custom email #course - "Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications and services without having to manage infrastructure. This training course is targeted at IT professionals who need to gain a foundational knowledge of serverless computing—what it is and why it's important—and what's offered by serverless computing technologies like AWS Lambda and Azure Functions. Instructor David Linthicum begins with the basics: what serverless computing is and the problems it can solve. He then runs through demos of both Lambda and Functions and explores effective use cases for serverless computing."

Google Cloud Functions - "Event-driven serverless compute platform"

JAMstack - "Modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup."

JAMstack_conf - “Attend the premier event to learn how to design, develop, and deploy fast, modern web projects that run without web servers.” JAMstack Conf on YouTube

The Power of Serverless for Front-End Developers - “Web developers of all kinds can take advantage of it, but this site is particularly interested in how it relates to and helps front-end web developers. Here's one way to think about it: you can take your front-end skills and do things that typically only a back-end can do. You can write a JavaScript function that you run and receive a response from by hitting a URL. That's sometimes also called Cloud Functions or Functions as a Service, which are perhaps better names, but just a part of the whole serverless thing.”

pmuens/awesome-serverless - "A curated list of resources about all things serverless."

serverless - "The most widely-adopted toolkit for building serverless applications."

Webtask - “All you need is code. Make serverless endpoints.”


AWS Lambda - "Run code without thinking about servers. Pay only for the compute time you consume."

AWS Serverless Application Model - "The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) is an open-source framework for building serverless applications. It provides shorthand syntax to express functions, APIs, databases, and event source mappings. With just a few lines per resource, you can define the application you want and model it using YAML. During deployment, SAM transforms and expands the SAM syntax into AWS CloudFormation syntax, enabling you to build serverless applications faster."

Serverless Pitfalls: Issues With Running a Startup on AWS Lambda #article - "In the process, we learned a lot about what running a website on Lambda means and what one can gain from doing so. We also experienced a few hiccups which we’re going to list here, in the hope that being aware will save others time and headaches."

Zappa - "Zappa makes it super easy to build and deploy server-less, event-driven Python applications (including, but not limited to, WSGI web apps) on AWS Lambda + API Gateway. Think of it as "serverless" web hosting for your Python apps. That means infinite scaling, zero downtime, zero maintenance - and at a fraction of the cost of your current deployments!"

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