Design Process

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge #video - "Most logos aren't designed in fifteen minutes, but most designers aren't Aaron Draplin. Aaron's a Portland fixture by way of the Midwest, the owner of Draplin Design Co., and an advocate of "blue collar" design: design that works. Here he takes our logo design challenge, creating a dozen iterations of a logo for a fictional construction company. Not inspired? Just wait. Watch as he sketches, brings his ideas into Illustrator, and tests and tunes the different iterations. The logos Aaron creates prove design can elevate any company or brand. Along the way, he provides tips for freelancing, finding inspiration, and providing clients context for logos that won't just live in PDFs."

Design Process for ANYTHING #video - "If you don't have an well structured design process, it means you're just winging it, and most probably won't get good results."

The first secret of great design | Tony Fadell #video - "As human beings, we get used to "the way things are" really fast. But for designers, the way things are is an opportunity ... Could things be better? How? In this funny, breezy talk, the man behind the iPod and the Nest thermostat shares some of his tips for noticing — and driving — change."

Design Thinking

  1. Empathize

  2. Define

  3. Ideate

  4. Prototype

  5. Test

These steps aren't necessarily linear. They are iterative. Based on what you learn informs what step you should go to next.


  • Have empathy. Go out and seek to understand the people who are impacted by what you do. Try to identify latent needs.

  • Prototype everything. Prototype early and often.

  • Be more collaborative. Involve people with diverse backgrounds.

  • Innovation is a team sport. Work within diverse teams.

  • Have a bias towards action. If you're talking a lot, that's the time to get out and do something, try something out, have a conversation with someone. Don't just put your head down and think.

These notes were taken from the Crash Course in Design Thinking. Crash Course in Design Thinking

Ideo: Design Thinking Tools for Taking Action

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