Everything I know about freelancing #article - "You’ve probably read a lot about freelancing: Feast and famine. Where to find clients. How much to charge. These topics are fundamental, but it seems like most freelancers burn out before they get over these hurdles. Can freelancing be a stable, long-term career?"

Freelance Calculator #webapp

Hiveage #webapp - "Best Online Invoicing Software. Trusted by 60,000 small businesses and freelancers from 152 countries."

A job without a boss #article - "Freelancers get paid when they work. We’re not focused on scale… and we’re not tiny versions of real entrepreneurs. Freelancers do the work for clients who need them. Hiring employees to scale when you’re a freelancer can be a bit of a trap, because you are likely to give up the very thing you set out to do in the first place."

“You can hire just about anyone…” #article - "Websites that offer lowest common denominator jobs for freelancers (like Fiverr, Uber, ZocDoc, Mechanical Turk etc.) are focused on the generic. They intentionally blur the identities of the people doing the work–a simple star rating, a measure of reliability, that’s all."

Time Tracking


Everhour - "Work hours, organized. Track time, bill your clients accurately, and understand better how long work actually takes to improve future quotes and estimates." Integrates with Trello. Seems like it might do project estimation, but doesn't clearly say how.

FogBugz - "FogBugz project management software helps you spend less time on managing, and more on creating your digital masterpiece. Align your team under a common purpose that allows you to plan, track and release great software." Uses Evidence-Based Scheduling. Integrates with Trello.

FreshBooks - "Every second counts. Start tracking your time in FreshBooks and see exactly how much time you’re spending on clients and projects. And when the work’s done, easily generate an invoice with just a click." Doesn't seem to do project forecasting.

Harvest - "Time tracking software for those who value insight." Works with Forecast for forecasting, but doesn't seem to be doing anything like Evidence-Based Scheduling.

Hourly - "Track time, intelligently. Hourly is a time tracking and analytics platform with a range of intelligent features - like predictions that learn and improve over time - to help take your services business to the next level." Doesn't seem to do project forecasting.

Hours - Doesn't seem to do project forecasting.


PayDirt - "Simple Invoicing & Time Tracking for freelancers and agencies. Quit worrying about tracking time, invoices and estimates and complicated software. Now, go get back to work." Doesn't seem to do project forecasting.

Timely - "Fully automatic time tracking. For those who trade in time"

Toggl - "Where did time go? Turn your team on to productivity with Toggl the time tracker." Doesn't seem to do project forecasting.

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