Web Design

5 Basic Tips for Illustrating #article - “Tips and tricks that most people wouldn’t highlight when illustrating. They’re probably no use to anyone but me…”

7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design #article - “Improving your designs with tactics instead of talent.”

Design Talks With Aaron Draplin: Finding Inspiration In Dead Stuff #video - "Aaron James Draplin of Draplin Design Co., is working solo in the mighty Pacific Northwest, where he rolls up his sleeves on graphic design projects for companies like Nike, Patagonia, Target, Ford Motor Company and even the Obama Administration. Aaron hit design stardom for both his high level of craftsmanship and his honest and sharp talks commenting on the lives of designers and the state of the art of graphic design."

Figma #webapp - "A better way to design. Design, prototype, and collaborate all in the browser—with Figma."

InVision Studio #software - "The world’s most powerful screen design tool"

Origami Studio #software - "Design Prototyping with Origami Studio"

Overflow #software - "Turn your designs into playable user flow diagrams that tell a story."

Pixels - "If you're looking for kick-ass designs and copywriting, you've come to the right place. I'll share a couple of designs here every day and I hope you'll enjoy it 🍿."


Twemoji - "A simple library that provides standard Unicode emoji support across all platforms." CC-BY 4.0. More information on how to provide attribution here.

type-scale.com - "I like to enter the base font-size for paragraph text. Then I select from the surrounding values for headers and small text."

Using Visual Loudness for Better Wayfinding #article - ““It needs more ‘pop’.” Can I tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase? It’s the sad reaction to a design that could lack proper emphasis. My reaction is usually something like, “if everything pops, nothing pops.” Does this sound familiar?”

Design Patterns

Inclusive Components - "A blog trying to be a pattern library. All about designing inclusive web interfaces, piece by piece."

Material Design - "Build beautiful products, faster. Material is a design system – backed by open-source code – that helps teams build high-quality digital experiences."

The Media Object, A Bunch of Ways #article - "The Media Object pattern is: image thingy on the left, heading and text on the right."

Mobbin - “Latest Mobile Design Patterns”

UI Patterns - “User Interface Design patterns are recurring solutions that solve common design problems. Design patterns are standard reference points for the experienced user interface designer.”

Design Systems

Naming Tokens in Design Systems #article - "Design tokens have provided a visual foundation of many design systems since Salesforce pioneered the concept in 2014. I wrote an impassioned article on design tokens in 2016, and my energy on the topic continues to grow. As systems of visual style spread across a widening landscape of components, platforms and outputs, design tokens — and their names — are increasingly important."

Sketch App

Open .ai in Sketch #article - "Today I was sent an Illustrator (.ai) file from a client which I needed to use to output a .svg file. The only problem is I don't have Illustrator so I had to go searching for a solution."

Saving time in Sketch #article - "A collection of 6 time saving design techniques."

Sketch #software - "Create, prototype, collaborate and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design."

Sketch Shortcuts - "A list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Sketch App."


Sidebar - "The five best design links, every day."

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