Chabudai Gaeshi #article - " 'I learned countless things at Apple, but the most important skill I acquired was the ability to simply take a set of extremely polished designs—sometimes designs I’d easily consider to be the best I’d made in my life—and throw them away, trash them entirely, and start over. It’s where truly great design is born. Since my time at Apple I’ve done this many, many times, and it has always resulted in incredible progress. You have to learn to kill your babies, mercilessly. They’re just pixels. You can do better.' "

Checklist: 10 Must-Have Criteria for Your Logo #article - "What makes a logo not just creative, but strong, successful, and lasting? How do you know when your logo isn’t working the way it should? What makes one concept potentially better than another? How do you narrow down your top choices in a logo redesign to a front-runner when different people are responding to different esthetics?"

Flare - "Bring Your Apps and Games to Life with Real-Time Animation. Flare is a powerful design and animation tool, which allows designers and developers to easily add high-quality animation to their apps and games."

Font Flipper #webapp - Tender-like interface for choosing fonts.

Hero Patterns #webapp - "A collection of repeatable SVG background patterns for you to use on your web projects."

Krita #software - "Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone."

Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology #article - "The basic idea is to use existing, cheap, well-established technology, and use it in new ways, thus allowing Nintendo to introduce new, innovative concepts at affordable prices."

Logo Design Love #blog - "On logos and visual identity design"

ManyPixels - "ManyPixels is the first on-demand design outsourcing service that works on a subscription model. Pay a fixed monthly price and get your design within 1-2 business days."

PixelSnap #software - "The fastest tool for measuring anything on your screen"

Teenage Engineering

xScope #software - "Measure. Inspect. Test."


Creative Market - "Creative Market is the world’s marketplace for design. Bring your creative projects to life with ready-to-use design assets from independent creators around the world.



Stockio - “Free Photos, Vectors, Icons, Fonts and Videos. Thousands of files for personal and commercial use”



GitHub Octicons - "Your project. GitHub's icons."

HeroIcons - $49 on sale. "Heroicons are a unique set of icons for your marketing website that make it easy to customize with CSS to better align to your brand."

Icons8 - "FREE DESIGN RESOURCES AND SOFTWARE." Icons, photos, vectors, music. 👍

JoyPixels® - The freemium emoji company. Emoji font licensing since 2014.


Blush - "Tell your story with illustrations. Easily create and customize stunning illustrations with collections made by artists across the globe. Try it, it’s kind of fun."

Icons8 - "FREE DESIGN RESOURCES AND SOFTWARE." Icons, photos, vectors, music. 👍

OSLO - "Awesome illustrations for your next landing"


Undraw - "Open-source illustrations for every project you can imagine and create"


Icons8 - "FREE DESIGN RESOURCES AND SOFTWARE." Icons, photos, vectors, music. 👍 - "Free vintage photos to use any way you want."

Unsplash - 👍