Artificial Leaf Technology Could One Day Power Our World #video - "Scientists at the University of Waterloo in Canada have come up with a new design for an artificial leaf. Not only is this technology 10 times more efficient than plant photosynthesis, it might help us move away from the fossil fuels that are getting us into so much trouble."

Can A City Run On 100% Renewable Energy? #video - "In 2014 Burlington, Vermont became the first city in the United States to run on 100% Renewable Energy. But how do they actually do it? What’s their secret?"

Documentary : The renewable energy breakthrough! (finally). #video - "Finally after decades of research and development of renewable energy technologies, the price of electricity per Kw. (in 80% of the world) has become competitive with fossil fuel generated electricity. With no end in sight to the falling prices and wind power just slightly behind in production price, countries around the world are making the push to convert their energy production to renewables. Nowhere is this more evident than in China's aggressive push to modernize their entire energy production industry!"

How Offshore Oil Rigs Work #video

Oil and gas companies are facing major technological disruption #video - "Pressure to reduce carbon emissions is putting the future of fossil fuel giants in jeopardy. Their survival plans involve carbon storage and floating wind farms. Meanwhile, one small German village is showing how large companies aren't always essential."

Why modern renewable power doesn’t need a breakthrough in energy storage | Amory Lovins #video - "More Americans work in the booming solar or windpower industries than in the coal industry, yet renewables are often claimed to be unreliable, needing vast and costly energy storage. Amory Lovins explains why that’s a myth."


The fight to rethink (and reinvent) nuclear power #video - "New nuclear energy technology has come a long way - but can we get over our fears?"

Thorium - The Future of Energy? #video - "There's been a lot of talk about Thorium lately, but what's it all about? Will it be the future of energy?"


How Solar Power Will Empower the World #video - "Solar power is cheaper than ever and it will revolutionize the world."

How to Kick Our Fossil Fuel Habit in One Step #video - "Solar energy is clean, renewable and abundant—so why do we still burn fossil fuels to generate the majority of our electricity?"

Introducing Project Sunroof #video - "Project Sunroof is mapping the planet’s solar potential, one rooftop at a time."

Project Sunroof - "Search for your home. Discover your solar savings potential."

Solar Energy Overview #article - "Whether you’re interested in how solar energy works, are curious about the cost of home solar panels, or need guidance finding a solar installation company, SaveOnEnergy is here to help. Read on to learn more about solar energy or use the table of contents below to jump to the topic that interests you most."

Solar Power Plants | The Next Big Thing? #video


Why there are twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs #video - "America is changing how it gets its energy, and coal is losing out."

The World's First Solar Powered Train #video - "The Byron Bay Railroad Company runs the world's first 100% solar-powered train. It wouldn't work everywhere - but in the bright sunshine of Australia, it might just be the right tool for the job."

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