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Bogleheads® local chapters - "Bogleheads® local chapters chapters are as varied as the Bogleheads. As a complement to the national meetings, local Diehards or Bogleheads chapters have existed since January 2005. In addition to the Local Chapters and Bogleheads Community sub-forum, Yahoo Groups serves as a venue for meeting plans, recaps, and a way to stay in touch between meetings.[notes 1]"

Bogleheads Local Chapters - General Info and Chapter List #thread - "Here's the Chapter List. You can also see the full list with locations on Google Maps Please PM Mel with any corrections so we can keep this current."

Camp Mustache - "Meet like-minded badasses and learn about financial independence, in a relaxed outdoorsy environment"

Can I Retire Yet? - FI calculators and other FI resources

Can You Really Retire in Your 30s? #video

ChooseFI - Eastern Tennessee - "ChooseFI East Tennessee is a group that serves the audience of the ChooseFI Radio Podcast as well as the greater FI (Financial Independence) community in East Tennessee (including Blount County, Knox County, Sevier County, Loudon County and surrounding counties). Some members will be just beginning their journey down the path to FI and some may be further along. The goal is to share the journey."

ChooseFI Local Groups - "The local groups portal has a list of all geographic group listings as well as the interest & employment cohort groups."

ChooseFI: Start Page - "Whether your preferred way to learn and take action is by listening, watching, or reading, there is no better time to start building towards FI – and there is no better team to help you get there than the ChooseFI community."

Family Man Retires at 39 – Extreme Early Retirement | FIRE #video - "Tim Stobbs is married with two children, and he retired from his career at 39 years old. How did he do it?! In this video we ask him about the lifestyle changes he and his family made in order to reduce their spending, increase their savings, and invest enough money so they could afford to quit their jobs and live off the interest from their investments."

Financial Independence Spreadsheet by Mad Fientist - "This page explains how to use my personal financial independence spreadsheet."

Mad Fientist's FI Laboratory #webapp - FI Tracker, Calculators, Travel Hacking

OnTrajectory - "Chart your course to financial independence. Test your assumptions with OnTrajectory’s advanced financial planning software. Try it free for 14 days"

Playing with Fire #documentary

r/financialindependence - "This is a place for people who are or want to become Financially Independent (FI), which means not having to work for money. Financial Independence is closely related to the concept of Early Retirement/Retiring Early (RE) - quitting your job/career and pursuing other activities with your time. At its core, FI/RE is about maximizing your savings rate (through less spending and/or higher income) to achieve FI and have the freedom to RE as fast as possible."

Why you should think about financial independence and mini-retirements | Lacey Filipich | TEDxUWA #video - "'Time poor' is the catch-cry of our era, and yet end-of-life retirement means we have an average of two decades of feeling time rich to look forward to… when we’re old. In this talk, Lacey shares how combining financial independence and mini-retirements is one way to bring that time rich feeling into our youth. Lacey Filipich started her entrepreneurial journey with a hair wrap stall at 10 years old. Today, she is the co-founder and director of two successful businesses; Money School and Maker Kids Club."

You want to know our savings rate? Which one? #article - "Last week, I read a nice post on Chief Mom Officer on the challenges of calculating savings rates. Right around that time I was also revisiting our 2017 budget and the projections of how much we are going to save this year. This is the last full calendar year before our planned retirement in early 2018 and it’s imperative that we stay on track and keep a high savings rate on the home stretch. But how high is our savings rate? Is there even a generally accepted way of calculating a savings rate? What are some of the pitfalls? We were surprised about how easy it is to mess up a calculation as seemingly trivial as the savings rate."

Investing for FIRE

cFIREsim #webapp - "cFIREsim stands for Crowdsourced Financial Independence and Retire Early Simulator."

Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA - The Best Choice for Early Retirement #article - "Traditional IRA or Roth IRA – Which one should you contribute to?"


1500 Days to Freedom #blog - "I’m a family guy living in Colorado with my wife and two young children. I studied biology and chemistry in college, but somehow turned into a software developer. I’m 39 41 and my goal is to retire in 1500 days at the age of 43."

ChooseFI #podcast #blog - "Earn More, Spend Less, Enjoy The Journey"

Dollar After Dollar #blog #podcast

Early Retirement Extreme #blog - "ERE is a set of principles that are based on a systems theoretic approach to “lifestyle design” allowing each individual to create their own robust strategy to a flexible lifestyle that is resilient to economic downturns and which meets all needs and reasonable wants while minimizing ongoing costs and effort."

Early Retirement Now #blog - "In the large spectrum of existing Early Retirement blogs, where is our niche? We hope that people will enjoy our views on everything financial. Sometimes we read other blogs and we have something intelligent and new to say, but by posting in the comments section, not many people will get to see it. We like to create a permanent record, share our views with a hopefully larger audience and get feedback and suggestions for our journey to Early Retirement."

Fiery Millennials #blog - "I'm a 29 year old on the path to Financial Independence. I saved up $200,000 before trying my hand at being an online influencer/entrepreneur. When that didn't work out, I went back to work in Corporate America. This is my story."

The FI Show #podcast - "The FI Show is a podcast dedicated to financial independence, personal development and life optimization. Join Cody and Justin for a fun, informative show packed with actionable tips from our guests!"

Frugalwoods #blog - "Financial independence and simple living"

Get Rich Slowly #blog - "Hi, I’m J.D. Roth. I started Get Rich Slowly in 2006 to share what I learned as I dug out of debt. Today, I’ve reached early retirement. I’m here to show you how to master your money — and your life."

Go Curry Cracker! #blog - "We are Jeremy and Winnie. Together we are Go Curry Cracker, a rallying cry we earned on our honeymoon hiking trip. This blog shares our journey."

Mad Fientist #blog - "The Science of Financial Independence"

Mad Money Monster #blog - "I'm Lisa Harrison - also known as Mrs. Mad Money Monster. My husband’s name is, you guessed it, Mr. Mad Money Monster. Creative, I know. We also have one Mini Monster (for now :)) as well as Mad Money Cats and Mad Money Pups. Our goal is probably similar to yours - to live a rich life without spending all of our hard earned cash. Ultimately, we’re creating passive income through index fund investing and rental properties."

Mr. Money Mustache #blog - "Mr Money Mustache is a thirtysomething* retiree who now writes about how we can all live a frugal yet Badass life of leisure."

Physician on FIRE #blog - "Physician on FIRE is a personal finance website created to inform and inspire both physicians and our patients with insightful writing from a physician who has attained financial independence and the ability to retire early. The site has a triple aim to leave visitors enlightened, educated, and entertained."

The Retirement Manifesto #blog - "Welcome to The Retirement Manifesto, a canvas for “Helping People Achieve A Great Retirement”! I focus on practical Financial Independence and Retirement Planning issues for folks within ten years of retirement. If you’re new to the site, I’d encourage you to read “The Ultimate Retirement Planning Guide”, a compilation of my best work, organized by stages in your journey to retirement."

Wealthy Accountant #blog - ChooseFI interviewed him. "Oh, and Mr. Money Mustache is my client. If not for Pete, this blog would not exist."

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