Admonymous - "Leave anonymous admonition and admiration for your friends and coworkers."

Babble #article - "Here's a simplistic model of how this works. I try to build a coherent sentence. At each step, to pick the next word, I randomly generate words in the category (correct part of speech, relevance) and sound them out one by one to see which continues the sentence most coherently."

Loom - "Say it with video . Loom is the most effective way to get your message across, no matter where you work."

Miro #webapp - "The online collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere."

Nuclino #webapp - "Empower your team with a collective brain . A lightweight and collaborative wiki for all your team's knowledge, docs, and notes."

Slack Is Not Where 'Deep Work' Happens #article

Spectrum - "Spectrum makes it easy to grow safe, successful online communities that are built to last."

TL;DV - "Yet another meeting? We feel you. Let's have fewer, more focused meetings. Record your meetings and tag the important moments as they happen. Empower your team to quickly catch-up on relevant meeting recordings! tl;dv works wherever your team already collaborates live and async."

Whimsical #webapp - "Communicate visually at the speed of thought."


Front - "Why choose between the powerful workflows and analytics of a help desk, and the ease of use, speed, and personal touch of email? With Front, you get the best of both worlds. Give your team better email — so they can treat every customer like your only customer."

Juicy Mail - "Introducing the next generation email experience"

Spark #software #app - "The best personal email client. Revolutionary email for teams."

Tempo #software - "The email client that helps you focus."


Mint Mobile


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