care/of - "Find the right vitamins, protein, and more, personalized just for you." Use coupon code household50 to get 50% off your first order, complements of the Household Name podcast.

Chef Ani #blog #channel - "I am a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute of New York City. I love to cook and have been in the kitchen as far back as I can remember. A life-long vegetarian and now a plant-based chef, I enjoy junk food as much as the next guy, but realize that though it tastes good, it is not good for me. Have you ever heard the saying: “You are what you eat”? Well, science is telling us that this is absolutely true. The food choices we make today are super important to how we feel and operate tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could come up with recipes that do both, taste delicious and make us feel wonderful? That is my quest."

Darebee - "The Darebee Resource is an independent fitness resource run and maintained by a small group of volunteers and fitness professionals. Here we make fitness accessible, make training fun and make a healthy lifestyle easier to start and maintain – on a budget. We believe that fitness is not a privilege, it should be made this accessible for everyone - not just people who can pay for it."

Deep Medicine #book - "Medicine has become inhuman, to disastrous effect. The doctor-patient relationship–the heart of medicine–is broken: doctors are too distracted and overwhelmed to truly connect with their patients, and medical errors and misdiagnoses abound. In Deep Medicine, leading physician Eric Topol reveals how artificial intelligence can help. AI has the potential to transform everything doctors do, from notetaking and medical scans to diagnosis and treatment, greatly cutting down the cost of medicine and reducing human mortality. By freeing physicians from the tasks that interfere with human connection, AI will create space for the real healing that takes place between a doctor who can listen and a patient who needs to be heard."

OpenNotes - "OpenNotes is the international movement that’s making health care more transparent. It urges doctors, nurses, therapists, and others to invite patients to read the notes they write to describe a visit. We call these opennotes."

Peloton - "Peloton uses technology and design to connect the world through fitness, empowering people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, anytime."

The Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise #article - "Being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally." Healthline.

Welltory - "Measure your stress and energy levels with your smartphone"

Zwift - "SERIOUS TRAINING MADE FUN. The at home training app connecting cyclists around the world."


6 Ways That Night-time Phone Use Destroys Your Sleep #article - "I see many people in my medical work who are looking for sleeping pills because they can’t get a good night’s rest. Coaching clients, too, complain of trouble winding down, poor sleep and broken sleep. The first thing I target? The phone."

Blue Light and Sleep: What's the Connection? #article - "Many studies suggest that blue light in the evening disrupts your brain's natural sleep-wake cycles, which are crucial for optimal health."

Scientists Discovered How Sleep Cleans Toxins From Your Brain #video - "No surprise: sleep is essential to being a functioning, healthy human being. And new research looks even further into how sleep actually helps us maintain clean brains—but what does that mean?"

SleepTown #app - iOS and Android. "Build Healthy Sleep Habits"

Weight Control

Effects of Bite Count Feedback from a Wearable Device and Goal Setting on Consumption in Young Adults #paper - "Providing feedback on the number of bites taken from a wearable intake monitor can reduce overall intake during a single meal. Regarding the first research question, providing feedback significantly reduced intake in both plate size groups and reduced the overall number of bites taken. Regarding the second research question, participants were successful in eating to their goals. However, individuals in the low goal condition appeared to compensate for the restricted goal by taking larger bites, leading to comparable levels of consumption between the low and high goal groups. Hence, the interaction of technology with goals should be considered when introducing a health intervention."

The Hacker's Diet #article - Wikipedia. "The Hacker's Diet (humorously subtitled "How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition") is a diet plan created by the founder of Autodesk, John Walker, outlined in an electronic book of the same name, that attempts to aid the process of weight loss by more accurately modeling how calories consumed and calories expended actually impact weight. Walker notes that much of our fat free mass introduces signal noise when trying to determine how much weight we're actually losing or gaining. With the help of a graphing tool (Excel is used in the book), he addresses these problems.[1] Factoring in exercise, and through counting calories, one can calculate one's own total energy expenditure (basal metabolic rate, thermic effect of food, and day-to-day exercise) and cut back calorie intake or increase exercise to lose weight."

HAPIfork - On KickStarter. Seems to be discontinued. "HAPIfork Is the Smart Fork That Helps You Eat Healthier, Eat Slower and Lose Weight By Eating at the Right Time and at the Right Speed"


Healthline - Seems to be good about sharing sources and fact checking their articles.

The Nuance #blog - "The Nuance is a weekly column that offers a deep and researched look at the latest science and expert insights on a buzzed-about health topic. Your life, sourced by science."