1Kprojects - "Neglected side projects for less than $1000. 1Kprojects is a curated marketplace where makers sell their abandoned projects for less than $1000."

5 Tips For A Better Side Hustle #video - " These days, it seems like everyone is making money on the side. Side hustles like ride-sharing, room rentals, and selling witty cross stitch patterns are a common occurrence. BUT, is every side hustle worth the time dedicated to them?"

The 5 Whys #video - "In this video from our "Strategic Thinking" module, Eric Reis, entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School, gives us advice on asking the right questions to discover the managerial and leadership issues behind technical problems: The 5 Whys."

ClientSuccess - "We help you retain and grow your existing customer base. Customer success software that helps you build relationships that last."

Company of One, the podcast #podcast - "Company of One is a podcast that explores what happens when businesses challenge the traditional idea that bigger is always better. What if we break from the idea that growth in revenue, customers and employees is always the byproduct of success and focus instead on what it means to create richer and more fulfilling careers and businesses that don’t require exponential growth in all directions at all times?"

Competition is for Losers with Peter Thiel (How to Start a Startup 2014: 5) #video - "Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal and Palantir, discusses business strategy and monopoly theory in "Competition is For Losers"."

Courtland's Checklist - "Validate your business idea. A simple checklist shared by @csallen. Made by Chris McCormick."

Earnest Capital - "Earnest Capital provides early-stage funding, resources and a network of experienced advisors to founders building sustainable profitable businesses."

"Educate yourself about everything about business. Get that broad, universal perspective first. It doesn’t take very long" (Josh Kaufman, author of The Personal MBA, via IndieHackers).

Engines of Growth: What Your Startup Needs to Know #article - "The concept of the engines of growth is the product of Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup. The engines are metrics that can help you figure out how to create sustainable growth based on customer use of your product or service. There are three engines: the sticky engine, the viral engine and the paid engine. Each engine brings a different trajectory for growth and a different kind of growth. It is a good idea to focus on just one of these engines or you will have a hard time knowing what is working and what isn’t for your startup. Which of the three engines of growth is right for you?"

Eventual Millionaire #podcast - "Each week I interview a new business success story (who became a net worth millionaire through their business) to give you the inside scoop to get to your million faster and easier!"

FindCollabs - "Find collaborators. Build projects. FindCollabs is a place to build projects with other people."

FiveMinuteFounder - "Become a Better Founder. Actionable, concise advice to improve your startup/company by 1% each week. Only what you need to know, in five minutes, with examples."

FounderPad - Curated list of podcasts, books, newsletters, etc.

The Four Steps to Epiphany #book - by Steven G. Blank

GitLab Handbook - " The GitLab team handbook is the central repository for how we run the company. Printed, it consists of over 3,000 pages of text. As part of our value of being transparent the handbook is open to the world, and we welcome feedback. Please make a merge request to suggest improvements or add clarifications. Please use issues to ask questions."

HelpSpace - "Simplify Your Customer Support . All your emails and messages in one place."

How Your To-Do List is Killing Your Productivity - Dan Lok #video - Delegate as much as possible, identify the 5 most import things to accomplish today, complete them, and then spend the rest of your time to think and strategize. Avoid the cult of busy. You can't do quality thinking when you're always busy and always running.

Juro - "Make contracts work for everyone. Contract management software your whole team will love."

Kiip - "Kiip is an in-app mobile advertising platform that uses moments to create meaningful customer interactions and generate highly targeted, custom audiences."

Magic Personal Assistant for CEOs - "Get a 24/7 team of remote workers to help you get things done."

MakerPad - "You don't need to know how to code. Makerpad is the best no-code platform for professionals & creators."

MicroConf - "The World's Biggest Conference For the World's Smallest Self-Funded Software Companies"

Nolt - "Collect feedback in a central place that your users will love"

The Other Side of Burnout #video

Ramen Profitable #article - "Ramen profitable means a startup makes just enough to pay the founders' living expenses. This is a different form of profitability than startups have traditionally aimed for. Traditional profitability means a big bet is finally paying off, whereas the main importance of ramen profitability is that it buys you time."

Stripe Atlas - "The best way to start an internet business. Starting a company can be needlessly complicated—lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, numerous fees, and non-obvious decisions about what services to use. We built Stripe Atlas to make this easy: a tool to handle everything involved in establishing an internet business. It’s available to entrepreneurs everywhere."

Wobaka - "Wobaka is the all-in-one CRM and sales automation tool that makes it easy to manage contacts, share emails and automate outreach, without losing your mind."

Your Whole Goal Is to Not Quit - Courtland Allen of Indie Hackers #video - Takeaways:

  • Be in it for the long haul.

  • Build a community and listen to them to find out what they need.

  • Surround yourself with people who are starting businesses and you'll be way less likely to quit when the going gets hard.

  • Read.

    • The Lean Startup

    • Crossing the Chasm

    • Zero to One - Written for high-growth startups. Not for people who are trying to bootstrap.

    • Hooked

  • Ask questions.

  • Get mentorship.

  • Wait until you have a solid strategy for customer acquisition that is working before you quit your job to go full-time with your side project.

Yogababble #article - "The boards of Theranos and WeWork included former and future Secretaries of Defense, Supreme Allied Commanders, and billionaire CEOs of iconic firms. These individuals can assess geopolitical markers, troop movements, and business trends better than anybody on the planet, maybe in history. But put a young woman from Stanford in a black turtleneck, or a guy with great hair, in the same room, and these global leaders couldn't recognize blatant fraud."


Can I Deduct That As A Business Expense? #article - "I work with many business owners and by far, the most commonly asked question I get is, “Can I deduct that as a business expense?” As with all good tax law questions, it depends on a lot of factors — the type of expense, the type of business that you have and whether you can verify the purpose behind the expenses."

Deducting Business Expenses #article - "Business expenses are the cost of carrying on a trade or business. These expenses are usually deductible if the business operates to make a profit."

Guideline - "The easy, affordable 401(k) for small business. We handle all the hard work for just $8 per employee each month."

Gusto - "Payroll made easy. See why Gusto is simply the best online payroll"

How to Keep Your Side Hustle From Messing Up Your Taxes #article

Mercury - "Banking built for startups. Mercury makes bank accounts that help tech companies scale.

Wave - "Award-winning financial software designed for entrepreneurs." Google Sheets add-on.


Don’t hire top talent; hire for weaknesses. #article - "Why are you hiring? Are you hiring to do more, or are you hiring to achieve more?"

Proximity Placements - Virtual assistants. "Leading with Business Owners and Consultants in Hiring the Best People to Grow their Business with."


Goodhart's Law #article - "Goodhart's law is an adage named after economist Charles Goodhart, which has been phrased by Marilyn Strathern as "When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure."[1] One way in which this can occur is individuals trying to anticipate the effect of a policy and then taking actions that alter its outcome.[2]"

Responsibility assignment matrix #article - "A responsibility assignment matrix[1] (RAM), also known as RACI matrix[2] (/ˈreɪsi/) or linear responsibility chart[3] (LRC), describes the participation by various roles in completing tasks or deliverables for a project or business process. RACI is an acronym derived from the four key responsibilities most typically used: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.[4] It is used for clarifying and defining roles and responsibilities in cross-functional or departmental projects and processes.[5] There are a number of alternatives to the RACI model."

Open Startup Movement

MakerPad Open - "Makerpad is sharing stats as part of the Open Startup movement"

What does it mean to be an Open Startup? #article - "The Open Startup trend is a transparency and openness movement seemingly initiated by Buffer, quickly adopted by Ghost, capitalised by Baremetrics, and recently popularised in the Indie Maker community by Pieter Levels."

What’s exciting about the Open Startup movement? #article - "To put it simply, any startup is an open startup that shares its statistics, revenue and growth stories out in the public."

Software as a Service

Evaluating Modest SaaS Business Ideas #article - "I'm evaluating new SaaS business ideas, and I wanted to share a little bit about exactly how I'm evaluating them."

The Modest Product Podcast - "Join hosts Dan Hulton and Steven Abadie on their journey to create Modest Products and improve their lives. What is a Modest Product? Well, it's something like an anti-unicorn... You know what? Why not just tune in and find out!"

Nodewood - "Build your next SaaS web app faster. Save weeks or months of development time when you build with Nodewood - a JavaScript SaaS Starter Kit that provides an application scaffold, user authentication, subscription management, and more!"

What should I build? #article - Google doc.


Bootstrappers.io - Newsletter, curated links, blog.

Indie Hackers - "Learn from the founders behind hundreds of profitable online businesses, and connect with others who are starting and growing their own companies." Forum, blog, podcast.

Indie Hackers on YouTube #channel

Inside Intercom #blog

Paul Graham #blog

Paul Jarvis - "Hi, I’m Paul Jarvis, author of Company of One. I’m a writer, designer, podcaster, online course teacher and software creator in real life on the internet. I have more tattoos than you, and I’m ridiculously introverted. My goal is to help folks build better, not bigger, businesses."

A Smart Bear #blog

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