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A bold idea to replace politicians | César Hidalgo #video - "César Hidalgo has a radical suggestion for fixing our broken political system: automate it! In this provocative talk, he outlines a bold idea to bypass politicians by empowering citizens to create personalized AI representatives that participate directly in democratic decisions. Explore a new way to make collective decisions and expand your understanding of democracy."

Approval Voting - "Approval voting is a single-winner electoral system where each voter may select ("approve") any number of candidates. The winner is the most-approved candidate. Robert J. Weber coined the term "Approval Voting" in 1971.[1] It was more fully published in 1978 by political scientist Steven Brams and mathematician Peter Fishburn.[2]"

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Colorado Tried a New Way to Vote: Make People Pay—Quadratically #article - "The result of some concept work by a Microsoft Research economist named Glen Weyl, quadratic voting is designed to force people to express their honest opinions about their choices by attaching a cost. ... The point is, you can yell as loudly as you want, but louder yelling costs more—so you have to be really incentivized to do it."

Mixed-Member Proportional Representation Explained #video

PEP 8001 -- Python Governance Voting Process #article - "This PEP outlines the process for how the new model of Python governance is selected, in the wake of Guido's retirement. Once the model is chosen by the procedures outlined here, it will be codified in PEP 13."

Pizza to the Polls - "Waiting in line for hours to vote? Tummies grumblin? Pizza to the Polls is here to help. Send us reports of long lines and we'll send in the delicious reinforcements."

Primary Elections Explained #video

The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained #video

Quadratic voting #article - "Quadratic voting (sometimes abbreviated QV) is a collective decision-making procedure, where participants express how strongly they feel about an issue rather than just whether they are in favor of it or opposed to it."

Quick and Easy Voting for Normal People #video

The Electoral College

How the Electoral College Works #video

The Trouble with the Electoral College #video

What If the Electoral College is Tied? #video

Instant-Runoff Voting

The Alternative Vote Explained #video

Example demonstrates how IRV leads to "spoilers" & 2-party domination #article - "Conclusion: IRV leads to self-reinforcing 2-party domination."

How our voting system (and IRV) betrays your favourite candidate #video - "Most people know that you can't always vote for your favorite candidate in plurality voting. Your favorite might be a spoiler and your vote might cause your least favorite candidate to win. No matter how much you like him, you may have to betray your favorite candidate and vote for a candidate that actually has a chance of winning. Does Instant Runoff Voting (aka Ranked Choice Voting) fix this problem? No! This video clearly shows why sometimes, even in instant runoff voting, supporting your favorite candidate can cause your least favorite to win. You may need to betray your favorite and put for your first choice the candidate that has a better chance of beating your least favorite.

Politics in the Animal Kingdom: Single Transferable Vote #video

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