Alfred P. Sloan Foundation - "We fund research and education in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and economics"

Consano - "Directly support medical research that matters to you"

Google Scholar - "Help fund the next wave of scientific research"

I read the top 100 scientific papers of all time #video - "What is the greatest science of all time? Well by one measure, the most cited papers of all time, ie those papers that have been referenced the most times in other scientific papers. So, as a challenge I tried to read the top 100 most cited papers of all time. This went about as well as you could hope for actually, while some papers in physical chemistry and statistics were beyond me (what EVEN IS density functional theory??) the majority were surprisingly readable. I learned some fascinating things about bioinformatics, graphene, and the many, many ways you can measure proteins, as well as some insights into how science as a whole is done."

Is Most Published Research Wrong? #video - "Mounting evidence suggests a lot of published research is false."

The janitor who changed the world of science #video - "Since discovering the story of James Croll while researching Firmament, I knew I had to make a video about him and his remarkable life story. From his job as a janitor at a university he changed the world of science with his remarkable theory of orbital variations that became known as Milankovitch cycles. I hope that this video teaches you a few things. First that sometimes there are remarkable individuals in the history who go against the broad factors that determine progress. Second, that science communication, increasingly popular in the nineteenth century, has a very real impact on the development of science and scientists, popularising education beyond an elite core. Third, that the history of science is full of also-rans, second to the punches, and men and women who didn't quite forge the final link in understanding. Their stories are important too!"


Our World in Data - "Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems"

Philosophy of science #article - "Philosophy of science is a branch of philosophy concerned with the foundations, methods, and implications of science.[1] The central questions of this study concern what qualifies as science, the reliability of scientific theories, and the ultimate purpose of science. This discipline overlaps with metaphysics, ontology, and epistemology, for example, when it explores the relationship between science and truth. Philosophy of science focuses on metaphysical, epistemic and semantic aspects of science. Ethical issues such as bioethics and scientific misconduct are often considered ethics or science studies rather than philosophy of science."

Quanta Magazine - "Illuminating basic science and math research through public service journalism."

Worldometer - "Worldometer is run by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a thought-provoking and time relevant format to a wide audience around the world. Worldometer is owned by Dadax, an independent company. We have no political, governmental, or corporate affiliation."

Zooniverse - "People-powered research"

"You don't use science to show that you're right, you use science to become right" (Randall Munroe, xkcd #701 alt text).

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