Audio for Focus

10 Most Popular Soundscapes + 2 Bonus Tracks - "I have brought together the 12 most popular soundscapes from my youtube channel johnnielawson into one great package for only $49.99."

Ambient Mixer - "Listen to relaxing music, ambient atmospheres and astonishing sound effects. Just click on an image below to start chilling. If you want, you can even create your own atmospheric sound mix, online and for free. Every audio template can be easily edited for your own needs. Here is a short video explaining some of our features."

Birds in the Forest #audio #playlist - Spotify. "Relax to the sounds of birds chirping in vast, echoing forests." - "Functional Music On Demand. We use our patented AI music engine and scientific research to create music to help you improve the activities you already do in 15 minutes or less."

Calm Radio - "Music that helps you get through the day"

Coffitivity - "Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better. Proven and peer reviewed, see the research to learn more."

Elpy #software - "Ambient sound mixer"

Endel - "Personalized sounds to help you focus, relax, and sleep"

Focus@Will #webapp - "Scientifically optimized music to help you focus" #webapp - "Endlessly unique ambient music"

GitHub Audio #webapp - "Project Audio for GitHub" 👍

Moszen #webapp - Clean, simple page with a selection of nature ambience tracks. 👍

Noisli #webapp - "Improve focus and boost your productivity. Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment."

Rainy Mood #webapp #app - "Welcome to Rainy Mood, the internet's most popular rain experience. Millions of people use Rainy Mood while sleeping, studying, and relaxing. Enjoy the free web version, or try the iOS/Android app with additional features."

A Soft Murmur #webapp - "Ambient sounds to wash away distraction."


Relaxing Legend of Zelda Music (COMPLETE) #video - "A re-edited, combined edition of all 4 relaxing playlists with some bonus songs! Duplicates or unfitting songs were taken out, resulting in what I think makes up a much better version."


The Guild of Ambience #channel - "The Guild of Ambience is a project that is supported by denizens of the enchanted realms. As the size of the guild increases, so too does the productivity of the guild. Summoning the elements from across the realm, the guild produces relaxing, atmospheric tracks that calm the mind and channel energies that assist in creativity, rest and introspection. ❡ The guild is renowned and respected across the land and has chosen to open its doors to new participants. This opportunity is open to all travelers and adventurers who wish to become exclusive members and gain all the benefits this entails. Joining the guild will ensure that the organisation remains strong and continues to develop and publish material. Guild members enjoy access to the inner sanctum and witness things that ordinary townsfolk only dream about" (Patreon).

HinduCowCirl #channel - "Female train driver/engineer working on the Bergen Line in Norway. Sharing my awesome scenic view from the drivers cabin with you."

johnnielawson #channel - "Nature Sounds for Relaxation and Meditation. The calming sounds of nature help insomnia suffers as a sleep aid, they help concentration for study and relaxing."

Living Walks #channel - "No narration, no music; just first-person perspective walks through the vibrant, living hearts of the world's most intriguing towns and cities."

TheSilentWatcher #channel - "The purpose of this channel is to help in healing and rebalancing of the mind, body and spirit through the audio-visual experience of moments of peace, clarity and relaxation; of inspiration, freedom and joy."

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